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Site rules 

Site rules



All visitors, including members of statutory authorities must report to the site office and complete an entry in the visitors book before and after leaving site.

All visitors should read and adhere to the sites health and safety and environmental policies. These are available in the main office in the non-ferrous yard.

Cars/ any vehicles are only allowed in the designated areas, unless authorised by site management anywhere else.

All visitors must wear high visibility vests (if the visitor does not have high visibility clothing they can purchase a vest from the main office). Other PPE that must be worn on site are appropriate footwear such as steel toe cap boots.

Visitors who have been authorised to access any working area must make their presence known to the site staff upon entry. Visitors that pass the unauthorised access parts of the yard must wear full PPE (Hard Hat, steel toe cap boots, Hi-Viz) and must be accompanied by a member of staff visitors must keep a safe distance from all machinery.

Visitors must maintain a 2 metre distance from any members of staff and from other visitors.


Only properly trained and authorised persons are allowed to operate vehicles. Personnel new to the site must make themselves known to the main office and set up an account in our main office for payment.


Obey all traffic signs, speed limits and any signals given by site staff use dipped headlights in bad weather or poor light.

Be aware and show due consideration to other site users.

In case of spillage or discovering any problems with the waste (e.g. hazardous waste in a consignment of non-hazardous waste) contact the site staff immediately.

When walking on site, take care to avoid standing on glass or other sharp objects that may be present.

Report any accident, injury, near miss or dangerous occurrence before leaving.

All site users must wear high visibility jackets/waistcoats and safety foot-wear. Other PPE must be worn in designated areas as directed by site management e.g. Helmets, eye and hearing protection.

Smoking is not permitted on site.

In case of fire, leave the site of the fire and attend the Fire Assembly Point

immediately. Which can be found outside of our main gates, follow site instructions and remain calm.


All Skip vehicles must be sheeted or netted on arrival and in transit to the appropriate discharge area.

Any vehicle with a sheeted/netted load will only be allowed on site if the vehicle is fitted with an auto-sheeting device. If there is no auto-sheeter, site management may allow access but only on the basis that the load is discharged with the sheet in place. This is to ensure that you do not have to work at a height.

Any vehicle that is taking materials from the site has to sheet/net the load and will only be allowed on site if the vehicle is fitted with an auto-sheeting device. This is to ensure that you do not have to work at a height.

Drive slowly onto the weigh-bridge, ensuring all wheels are on the platform. Obey the site speed limits.

Report to the weigh-bridge operator with all necessary documentation ( drivers license, passport, utility bill) and await instructions before moving off the weigh-bridge.

Report any dangerous or difficult loads to the weigh-bridge operator to which they will then access and inspect your load before tipping.

Unless instructed otherwise, proceed directly to the designated tipping area.

Children or animals are NOT allowed on site.

Take extra care when driving under any overhead cables. Do not exceed the safety height markers.

Stop before entering any of our sites and check that the way is clear to prevent bottle neck and traffic in our yards.

We only purchase Scrap metal any other conforming waste will be loaded back on to you vehicle and deducted at the weighing area.


Obey the instructions of any site staff.


Be familiar with the signals and signs used on site. 

Do not approach the discharge area until the area is clear.

DO NOT walk within the yard or leave your vehicle unless you have been told so by a member of staff or you are ready to unload. if you need to work at height, advise site management and wait for their instructions.

Discharge the load only when and where directed.

Wait if sufficient space is not immediately available. only unload if it is safe to do so and ask for help if you require assistance.

At all times take great care when manoeuvring on the tipping/ unloading area, particularly if reversing. Be aware of other vehicles and site machines.

Maintain a safe distance (at least one vehicles width) between your vehicle and other vehicles/site machinery.

Parking is not allowed unless authorised by site staff.


Only one person may leave the cab to discharge the load.

PPE must be worn as directed by management.

Always wear protective gloves when handling waste.

Keep clear of other vehicles and site machinery/plant.

Do not move from immediate area of your vehicle.

The sorting or removing of any material is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on site.

For tipping vehicles, ensure your tailgate/rear doors are secured before discharge.

Do NOT go under un-propped bodies or tailgates.

If your vehicle becomes stuck or disabled, alert the site staff by sounding your horn AND switching on your hazard warning lights. Do not walk about the site area seeking assistance.

If a load becomes jammed in your vehicle, alert the site staff (as above) who will provide the necessary help.



Before leaving the discharge area, ensure that your vehicle body is lowered and the tailgate/rear doors are secured.

Skips and containers can be stored in designated areas ONLY with the company's prior permission.

Do not drive off the weigh-bridge until all documentation is completed and you are given the all clear to leave.


Follow the site rules for ' On Entry' and 'Before Leaving the Site'. ensure to follow the site traffic plans and ask a member of staff to help if you require assistance.

Obey any instructions from site staff.

Keep clear of any discharge operations.

At some sites, you may have to level the load. Always use the systems provided.

Ensure the load is secure and safe before entering the site. If your load is an open tipper or container, use your auto-sheeter to sheet the load.

NEVER climb into the vehicle or load, unless protected by equipment provided to protect you from falls.


Report to the site office with details of your load.

After being you have informed the office they will direct you accordingly.

Ensure all materials are checked and weighed off by a BENNETT BROTHERS Staff member. Do not unload materials directly on to the scales if a member of staff is not present.

Children or animals are NOT allowed on site.

Observe all speed restrictions and traffic directions signs.

Report to the site office BEFORE leaving site.

Site Rules

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