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We are one of the first recycling companies operating in the North West, Bennett Bros was founded in 1948 by Francis William Bennett and Bernard Bennett, and remains a family-run business to this day. Bennett Bros was originally involved in loaning ponies to the many rag and bone men who collected unwanted household items and sold them to merchants, and while the recycling industry has now embraced modern technology, we are very proud of our heritage as innovators in what was then a new industry.

We now provide a fully comprehensive service including security shearing and bailing, processing of all grades of metals, factory clearance and full container services, and we are up to date with current environmental regulations and requirements


At Bennett Bros, we provide an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution for scrap metal disposal and understand the needs of our customers. Whether your choice is ethical or financial, scrap metal is a valuable commodity and we know how to get the best out of it for you.


We all have a duty to look after the environment around us and recycling scrap metal is a step in the right direction. By reusing the same metal over again, you are saving valuable energy and helping reduce the endless mining for raw materials that is destroying landscapes and wildlife habitats. Such activities also allow for poisonous substances to seep into the soil and enter the watercourse causing permanent damage to flora and fauna. Recycling metal is also important in the battle against carbon emissions; smelting is an energy consuming operation and using recycled metals has been proven to cut down CO2 emissions. It also reduces the effects on air pollution (by 80%), water pollution (by 76%) and water usage (by 40%)*.

Furthermore, according to data from the EU, the effect of using recycled raw materials is a reduction in CO2 emissions by some 200million tonnes each year, a colossal and influential amount. As metals become less easy to find and more expensive, recycling your scrap metal is a step towards ensuring sustainable production and consumption for future generations.

*Source: BMRA figures based on recycling steel.


As well as helping the environment, recycling scrap metal makes sense financially. If you bring your scrap metal to Bennett Bros you are turning it into a revenue source. Whether yours is a one-off deal or you have regular scrap, you can make money while doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions and preserve the availability of metals. Many people are put off the recycling route by the increasingly stringent environmental legislation that surrounds the process, however, at Bennett Bros we have an experienced team who can help you with all aspects of the recycling process. They will offer you the right advice to make sure you comply with the necessary regulations and meet the environmental targets laid down. We will even provide all the necessary paperwork for your records.

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